Studio Policy

Lesson Expectations

Be sure to prepared for lessons. This means working with your child throughout the week as outlined in the previous week's lesson.  I will provide a practice log for taking notes, but many parents also use phones for recordings and videos during lessons Be sure your child has all music and equipment in tow.   I recommend placing materials in a folder and bag so they stay together and don’t get lost! Arrive for lessons a few minutes early so you have time to unpack.  

Practice Expectations

The most important factor in your child’s success is consistent daily practice with an involved and  supportive parent. Practice includes developing skill through music review, working on new music and listening to professional recordings of both Suzuki literature and professional players.  As parents, you have an enormous influence on your child’s success.  You must work to create a daily practice routine.  This may be difficult at first, but it will be well worth the effort. Practice is like going to school, brushing teeth, eating meals, going to church, or doing homework.  We make time, because the activity and the learning is important and we can see the valuable benefits! (See the Parent Corner tab for "Practice Guidelines and Tips for Parents" as well as the "Why Study a Musical Instrument" tab for a compelling list of benefits of music study).


It will be necessary at times for you to purchase new materials.  This may include books, recordings and/or instruments and accessories.  When new equipment is needed (bow, shoulder rest, strings, violin), please wait to make a purchase.  There is a huge variance in quality, functionality and price! We will want to work together to make sure purchases meet your child's needs.

Missed Lessons and Make-Ups

One make-up lesson is offered each semester for student illness and family emergencies.  These lessons will be made up on the scheduled makeup days (calendar will be provided) or during another student’s lesson time if it becomes available.  In view of this, please let me know as soon as possible if you must miss a lesson.  This will help me offer options for makeup lesson times. If a student arrives after 1/3 of the lesson time has passed, or does not have his or her instrument, the lesson will be forfeited.


A formal recital is scheduled annually (usually in the spring). All students are encouraged to participate. There may be a small fee to offset recital costs (i.e. accompanists, facility use, printing of programs etc.) Sometimes also perform at assisted living facilities, church services or other community events and venues. I may schedule a group rehearsal for these events.  This rehearsal may take the place of a  scheduled lesson. Recital rehearsals are mandatory.  They are a vital part of the performing experience.

Group Classes

Group Classes are an integral part of the Suzuki learning experience.  They are designed to re-enforce learning and develop ensemble skill in a highly motivating group atmosphere.  Group classes occur approximately twice a month in addition to private lessons and all students are highly encouraged to attend.  


Tuition for fall/spring is calculated based on the total number of lessons scheduled and then divided evenly into monthly payments.  This means tuition will be the same each month even though the number of lessons may vary. Payment is due the 1st of each month.  A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed if payment is not received by the 5th of the month.  

Tuition for summer is calculated by multiplying the individual lesson cost by the total number of lessons offered.  Payment is due for the summer session on the 1st week of summer lessons.
There are no refunds for missed lessons or lessons discontinued mid-month. 


I primarily communicate studio information via email and text messages.  Please check regularly to stay up to date on important information. 

Discontinuation of Lessons

If you decide to discontinue lessons, though I always hope this doesn’t happen, please give me some advance notice so I have time to bring closure to the lessons.  (See Tuition for refund policy).

Thank You

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your child’s violin teacher.  My hope is that our journey together kindles a lifelong love for music as well as a meaningful sense of success and accomplishment.  I look forward to our time together!